Powerbase; eigen energievoorziening + opslag

The Powerbase is a vandal-proof steel construction with its own power supply & storage. The diesel engine - in the standard model - generates the power to charge the battery pack. Once the batteries are sufficiently charged, the diesel engine automatically turns off. As a result, the engine only runs a limited number of hours per day.

With the Powerbase you always have electrical power at your disposal, even in locations where no mains power is present!

Using various adapters, the Powerbase can also be fitted with project-specific equipment, allowing it to be used for a variety of purposes. These optional adapters are user-friendly and easy to replace. One example is the option to mount a mast with a solar panel, limiting the number of operating hours of the engine even further. More options.

Instead of the diesel engine, a fuel cell can also be installed in the Powerbase. The advantage of this over the engine is that the fuel cell operates silently and is also less polluting. More information about this fuel cell is available here.