The OGS Daystar is as a hybrid energy supply particularly suitable for systems that must operate in all seasons and which are installed in locations where no fixed electricity network is available.

The Daystar is a robust steel system unit which is equipped with a mast with one or more solar panels, a battery pack and an EFOY Pro fuel cell. By combining these techniques, one is able to create a system that is very reliable and which can operates completely autonomously.

The Daystar offers a solution for nearly any situation. We are able to establish your ideal configuration by using the OGS Energy Calculator. Based on these readings, the Daystar is installed with all necessary equipment.

Aside from the electronics needed for energy supply, there is still enough space available in the unit to install customer specific equipment.

The SolarTracker is an optional extra when ordering the Daystar. This device ensures that the panel follows the sun during the day which can increase the sun exposure by 20%. In addition, you can easily remotely keep an eye on usage and output by using our OGS online service package.